Coron, Palawan, Philippines


    Coron, Palawan, Philippines


    Coron, Palawan, Philippines


    El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


    El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


    El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


    El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


    El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


    El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


    Batanes, Philippines


    Batanes, Philippines


    Batanes, Philippines


    Batanes, Philippines


    Batanes, Philippines


    Batanes, Philippines


    Disney Sea, Japan


    Osaka, Japan


    Kyoto, Japan


    Mauban, Quezon Province, Philippines


    Mauban, Quezon Province, Philippines


    Mauban, Quezon Province, Philippines


    Mauban, Quezon Province, Philippines


    Baguio City, Philippines


    Baguio City, Philippines


    Maria Clara, Aurora, Philippines


    Baler, Aurora, Philippines


    Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines


    People's Republic of China


    People's Republic of China


    Ju Yong Pass, People's Republic of China


    Wangfujing, People's Republic of China


    Nan Luo Gu Xiang Beijing, China


    Samal Island, Davao, Philippines


    Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines


    Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines


    Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines


    Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


    Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


    Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


    Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines


    Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


    Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia


    Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia


    Bali, Indonesia


    Bali, Indonesia




















    Laiya, Batangas, Philippines


    Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines


    Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines


    Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines


    Batangas, Philippines


    Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines


    Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I Would Say to My 22-year-old Self? After 5 years!

April 4, 2011
College of Engineering, Graduation Day at Bulacan State University

Hey Chad!

How are you? You're already 22 and about to graduate with an engineering degree! Yes, you will no longer study in school. Maybe you'll miss it, maybe, not. As Andre Maurois quoted the great English writer Carlyle, "A man ought to spend the first part of his life conversing with the dead, the second with the living and the third with himself.” and you already finished the first stage of life. Congratulations!

Now, you have an exciting future and career ahead of you. Don't worry too much about the next step. You can do it! Just stay focused. I know by now you're worrying about getting the license. Hey man! You can make it to the list! Trust me!

After that, you will be entering the corporate world. I know you’ve always wanted to be in the IT field and it has always been your passion since you entered college. When you get there, my advice to you is to focus. You have to calm down and stay focused on what matters. It's a big world out there and you have to listen to me and absorb every single word that I will be saying.

First, find the job that will give you want you want and support you on what you need. A job that will pay you for what you love doing - aah, yeah, I quoted Confucius. LOL! When you get that job (and I hope you will), make the best first impression and make it last. I know you. You know your way to stand out.

You have been getting things a little easy since you were a child; but now, don’t expect your job or anything to always be like that. Work hard, as time and people will make unceasing demands on you. Be certain of yourself at all times because you can rest assured that not everyone will always show their faith in you. Prove them wrong. Learn to say no, learn to challenge yourself, tackle difficult situations.
Had a bad day at work or anywhere else? Don’t be afraid to cry when you’ve had one, just wait until you get home. Next day, move on. The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.

And always remember, you work to live life happy and not to pay bills. And not the other way around as well – “Live to work”.

Second, you have to surround yourself with people who celebrate your existence. Befriend people who are true and open about the experiences that have had in their lives. Again, you are in the second stage - conversing with the living. Learn from them. Allow people to take you higher and teach you things about yourself. In return, always show gratitude to them.

Be gentle with yourself and treat your real friends like treasures. Value your friendships. Not the ones that are short-lived and only maintained on social media but the ones that are unpretentious and real.  You will meet a group of people who will be your friends for life. Stick with them, they are worth investing your time in. They will see you at your best and at your worst and they will love you all the same. They will support you, make you laugh and never judge. They will be giving you constant reminders of what is important in life. Again, you must also do the same for your real friends. Give and take.

Third, explore! Take your time figuring things out but keep in mind that time flies – really fast, especially when you are having fun. Try new things so you can get an idea of what you do and don’t like. Pay attention to the things you’re obsessive about and set aside time to achieve goals and make plans. Always do the best and take every opportunity that will be in your way. Know that we are defined by those opportunities, even those that we missed.

One day you will find what you’re passionate about and when that happens, stay focused and remain humble. Be confident and don’t be scared to share your ideas with the world. Start something new – a business, a habit or any. Remember that the first draft of anything is shit so don’t be afraid. Accept fear as a necessary ingredient for success.

If things aren’t going according to your plan, just be patient. Maybe, it’s not yet time for it to come. Patience isn’t a virtue. It’s a requirement. If it’s really or still not going according to your plan, learn to accept and move on. Don’t dwell too much on that. It’s normal.

Whenever you are stuck in a situation that doesn’t favor you, just put this into your mind - every situation we get ourselves into, keep asking yourself: What am I supposed to learn from this and what am I going to give for this? Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for something that’s meant to come.

Fourth, I know it's already much but this is about relationships. The biggest piece of advice I have for you is to put yourself first. You’re young and you have time to meet someone special. Focus on your goals first and loving someone second. Don’t allow your emotions to get in the way of your progress. Don’t waste time on things or people who don’t make your heart sing. Don’t focus so much on finding love. Let it find you. I know it will. Just be you!

Second to the last, rejoice in your parents. They will make your busy life easier and will always be firmly on your team. Cherish every second with them. Hug them. Care for them. Treat them once in a while. Have a meaningful time chatting about the past when you are a kid. Kiss them when you leave the house and always respect them. Let them know how much you love them. Say “I love you Mom and Dad.” You only have one set of parents. It will be much of a cliché but I will tell you, you will be busy growing up while you might forget they are also growing old.

Finally, look forward to the future. Keep on learning new things outside of school. Keep on loving and keep on dreaming. Trust me! I have been there!

Aged 27
April 4, 2016

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Baguio Forest House : Bed and Breakfast

One of the best places to visit and stay while you are in Baguio is this cozy place where you will always feel like it’s Christmas – Baguio Forest House. Fortunately, I was able to experience staying here even for just a night for business matters. Literally, I felt like I’m inside Santa’s house – the color, the ambiance, and the designs!

Forest House, Loakan Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

I must admit, I really love the place and now I understand why most of the people I used to ask of the where-to’s in Baguio always recommend this place.

One of the things I loved during my stay this September 2015 was the ambiance of each place of the house. Every part of the house is a good place to relax and feel comfortable.

The Room
The room is also one of the things I love about this place. I wish I have the same style in our house. Rustic and quaint ! I heard the house is owned by an architect which explains why the design is simply captivating.

The Food
Needless to say, the fact that I took photos of the food before eating is really something that caught my attention and the taste…ah! Yummy! Take a look at our breakfast!

So, guys with the same passion, I bet you must put this in your bucket list!
Just a tip, book your reservations early enough to have the best deals. :)

Disclosure : This blog is my write-up and all posted here are based on my own opinions. Food and accommodations are on my account.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

You Haven’t Gone to Baler Yet? Here’s What You've Missed!

When talking about getaways nearby the Metro, one of the places I usually recommend is Baler. With only six hours of drive away from Manila, this place is good for groups who are adventure seekers during weekends.

This part of the country was one of the least explored before; but now, it is starting to catch the attention of travelistas in the metro. I think this sort of ‘popularity’ started when KrisTV (a local TV program showcasing anything under the sun hosted by Kris Aquino) visited this place last January 2014.

I still can remember when I first visited this place with my barkada last 2009, we were the only tourists along the beach and no surfers were there. It was just a countryside town – quaint and serene. But now, it has become a tourist spot with growing commercial establishments all around.

So now, do you know what is it about Baler that keeps people – surfers, photographers and just travelers – coming to this place?

Below are the reasons why and might make you realize what you’ve missed if you haven’t visited this place yet.

The List:

1. Ride the Waves
If there’s one thing that you must try when you are in Baler, it would be no other than surfing. Baler offers various surfing spots for all kinds of person – beginners to professionals.

The most popular beach when it comes to riding the waves is the Sabang Beach. At peak season, you will find lots of surfers – both amateurs and professionals, enjoying the waves of this long stretch of beach. Other surf points are the Charlie’s Point, Lindy’s Point and Cobra Reef (Cemento Beach) – cobra because of its wave shape.

Baler (2014)
Best time to surf in Baler?
You can surf all year round in Baler but if you are really looking for best waves to ride, it would be from October to February where it would reach its peak quality and size by December to January as the locals of Baler said.

Boss Jonah and I after our first try of surfing
Need surfing lessons?
There are a lot of surfing lessons to avail within the beach area or you can opt to avail packages where surfing lessons are already included.
Ehem, DJEF Travel and Tours. :)

2. Food Trip
When traveling, it has been my custom to try the food the locals eat. In Baler, one of the best things to do is to food trip! This place offers fairly enough options to eat for every travelistas. If you are looking for a eat-all-you-can restaurant, you can just walk around the town and find Gerry Shan’s place (Chinese and Seafood Cuisine). Some hotels also offer really good food like Costa Pacifica, Aliya Surf Camp, Bayler View, and Bay’s Inn. At night time, after a long and tiring day of trekking and surfing, you can relax, eating barbeque and a bottle of beer in Baler Surfers Grill.
Kilawing Tuna (Costa Pacifica)
Shrimp Dish (Costa Pacifica)

Baler Surfer Grill

3. Trek to Mother Falls
When in Baler, you can visit several waterfalls where you can enjoy the cool water from the mountain top after a long trek. Ditumabo falls or the Mother Falls of San Luis is one of the most visited of which. Others are Caunayan or the El Pimentel also in San Luis and Diguisit Falls in Baler. Just make sure you are ready for a 3 to 4 kilometer walk and have a good pair of footwear!
Waters from the falls

Ditumabo Falls
4. Glimpsing the Past
While almost all travelers think of Baler as a place for wave riders, what else is there in Baler aside from surfing and food tripping?

Quezon's Vintage Car
Facade of Museo de Baler
Wooden designs of the Museum's Exterior
Baler is rich in historical facts and they value each of these by showcasing it to travelers as tourist spots. From museums to old houses to statues, there are stories behind that almost each local of Baler has knowledge of.

Inside the Museum
5. Nature Tripping
Having been here for a couple of times, I really consider Baler as one of the best place to be with nature. One will surely enjoy the view of the greens going to this surfers’ paradise. Though going to some of the falls will be kind of a challenge, reaching the main attraction will surely worth the effort. A lot is there to see and to experience. From 600-year-old Balete tree to picturesque Pacific coast, from sunrise to sundown, this town is really a place that will make you fall in love with it.

Dicasalarin Cove View from PAGASA Station

600-year-old Balete Tree of Maria Aurora
Rock Formations nearby Luksu-Luksu
Pacific Sunrise at Sabang Beach

Need assistance on how to get to Baler?
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sagada

Finally, I find time updating my travel blog again after a long time! These past few months, I have been to different places but cannot find time of sharing my experience. You know work-related stuffs that makes me look old, stressed out and no balance in life? Hell yeah!
To start, one of the places I have visited was Sagada! It was an unexpected and unplanned tour!

I was a new member in my new project and was starting the knowledge transfer sessions for almost a month then. I was stressed that time because of the stuffs being loaded in my mind… processes, reports, monitoring and the likes. Information overload for almost a month!

I needed a break!

And what would be a better way to refresh my system after a stressing work in the metro?
Yeaaaaaah! Time off! Luckily, just two weeks then, my travel colleague proposed that we accompany the group going to Sagada as there were still available slots and it would be a good time to visit the place to conduct ocular inspection. At first, I was so undecided to push through with this. Reason? I was unsure whether my unplanned leave would be approved by my supervisor. I had to think of excuses… excuses… and excuses just to make this happen.

And because I am good in making valid excuses and giving options to come up with a win-win negotiations, Friday night, I just found myself traveling to Sagada and escaping the metro.
Talking about ‘finding ways’ huh!?
The Lists:
Surprisingly, Sagada is a place where most people just know it where it is located but no idea of what to see or to do. So, for those who are clueless of this place and planning to have a visit sometime soon, I say it is best to go there with all the surprises and be amazed with what you will discover.

But for those who are into details and still needing reasons why you should go, I listed some of the things that I consider 'must-try's' when in Sagada and make you ask yourself, why you haven’t visited this place yet.

1. Shout Hello in a Valley of Echo
This place will serve as a jumpstart to your Sagada tour. Just a short trek from the cemetery, this place will amazed you with lots of greens and a good view of the rock formations of Sagada. Your guide, if you have any, will suggest to shout anything for you to hear echoes. I don’t wanna be technical how this is possible so let me end this part now!

Echo Valley
DJEF Travel and Tour's Sagada Client

2. Visit the Hanging Coffins in Sagada
Eerie yet captivating, this old bizarre tradition is still practiced by the natives of Sagada. There are various places where you can see these coffins up close and one of the famous places is located just nearby the Echo Valley. According to the locals, not all have the privilege to experience this when they die for reasons that they only know why. They also say that the higher the coffins, the more valued the dead was. You can also notice that some are small and wonder how it was hung that way.
Hanging Coffins
Jonah and I

3. Sunset and Bonfire in Lake Danum
Lake Danum usually a place for camping and good place to witness the sunset after a long day of activities. You can ask your guide to setup a dinner by the lake if you want to.
Lake Danum
According to folklore, this place is where name Sagada originated. Ganduyan was the former name of Sagada. But when the Americans came, it was changed. It was told that there was once a tribes man, fetching water in the lake, asked for the name of the place by an American. Due to language barrier, the tribesman thought the American was asking the name of the water vessel so he replied. Sag-a da! which means water carrier.
4. Savor the Flavors of Sagada
If there is one thing that I would really suggest when visiting Sagada, it is ‘food tripping’. Any traveler who visits this place would always include food as part of their activities here. Interestingly enough, this small mountain town is a culinary surprise. Well, you have to spend a bit more than expected to taste it; but, it is really a value-for-money. Home-made yoghurt, ‘Pinikpikan’, and lemon pie are some of the must-try’s.
Yoghurt House Chicken Meal
Yoghurt House's Best Seller
Salt and Pepper's Sinarabasab
5. Witness the Sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint
If there is a good place in Sagada to view the sunset, Kiltepan, on the other hand is the place where you can have a spectacular view of the sunrise. Sea of clouds will also amazed you as you reach it. When you visit Sagada to witness this, make sure you are equipped with at least a high resolution camera and a tripod to capture this spot.
Sea of Cloud

6. Be amazed with the Rice Terraces
Though smaller, Sagada has its own masterpiece of the rice terraces landscape. Aside from its size, the remarkable difference of this landscape with that of the famous Banaue’s is the construction of its ‘pilapil’ or dam/terrace. Sagada’s version is made up of rocks while Banaue is made up of compacted soil. One vast place where you can see this is your way to Bomod-ok Falls.
Rice Terraces along the way to Bomod-Ok Falls
7. Spelunking for Beginners
Not a fan of exploring caves because I am a bit claustrophobic but this place is a good start of beginners. The experience would be tiring but worth it.

8. Trek the Bomod-Ok falls
When visiting Sagada, it is surely a 'must' to behold the renowned Big Falls. Bomod-ok Falls with its breath-taking view will capture the attention of every tourist, local and foreign.
Just be ready to get exhausted by the long trek but it will definitely worth it.
Long walk to Bomod-Ok

If you haven’t been to Sagada yet, I hope this blogpost inspires you to go there and most if not all of the things on this list.
Share your memories too!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 10 Tips on How to Travel on a Shoestring Budget

Wanna travel but worrying about the expenses? No matter where you want to travel, there will always be simple ways for you to enjoy without getting broke or burning a hole through your pockets. Searching relentlessly for the lowest price, and budgeting your time and money, you can be assured of a memorable vacation. Below are ideas you can consider when planning to travel on a shoestring budget.

1. Always be alert on seat sales!
You might notice that for every occasion, most airlines offer seat sales. The prices are really cheap but you should always take into consideration the following: travel period, destinations, and inclusions. Most seat sales' travel period are a year ahead. Subscribe to email notifications or you can just follow airlines' official twitter or facebook accounts for This allows you to prepare for your budget and plan accordingly.

2. Check travel promo on deals websites and travel agencies
Packaged tours are available on most deal websites. It may come with airfare or none. Browse through their websites so you can get slots before they run out slots. Just be mindful of the inclusions that these packaged tours have. You can choose to pay via bank deposit if you need few hours to think about it. Most of these deal  websites do give you until the end of the day to deposit your payment to make your purchase official.

I also recommend to have a trusted agency for your travel needs. In this way, you can interact with them and ask for more details unlike those deal website packaged tour where there might be some tricks on the inclusions. Choose a travel agency where you can customize your travel based on your needs.

3. Compare deals or packaged tours and DIY travels and go with what fits your needs.
There are two things you can consider when choosing between DIY or availing travel packages.The first one is that you have money but no time to plan for your travel and the second is the other way around. If you fall in the first scenario, consider availing travel packages to save time and effort planning. If you fall in the second, consider DIY travels. If you fall in the middle, lucky you, you can choose any of the two! *laughs*

Again, you should consider your destination for this. Compare inclusions of the tour packages.
Somewhere along Halsema Highway going to Sagada
4. Don't be choosy with your accommodation.
Unless it is a 'staycation', some people choose to have a cozy hotel when in fact, they just need it to sleep and bathe. As a general rule for me, you don't go to a place to stay all day inside the hotel.  Choose just a decent and cheap one.

5. Travel in groups
Traveling in groups always saves you more - cost of hotel accommodations, food, and more. If no one is there to accompany you when you want to travel, some agencies do offer 'joiner' tour packages where you can meet new people and gain friends. It's cheaper but subject for availability.

6. Try to blend in with the locals.
Being with the locals may cost you cheaper travels by asking for advise on where to eat, what to do and where to go. You might be surprised of the gems you can discover from the advise they might say.

7. Pack light and purchase airfare with no check-in baggage.
Always think on what you should bring when traveling. Just the necessary. If it's a 3-day vacation, should you bringing a lot of clothes? If you don't need to check-in a baggage, don't avail it. Save money for it and use it for more food, tours and pasalubong.

8. Travel during off-peaks.
Pros, cheaper rates, less people, and exclusive getaways for you and your companions. Cons, off seasons maybe not a good time to travel because of the climate though. You can check the details whether it is peak or off seasons via google.

9. Research to save time and money when you get to your destination
A lot of travel stuffs are available online on places you want to visit. Research on must-try's and must-see's. It's a waste of time if you went to a place and found out later on that you missed out on all the great stuff just because you haven't done your research.

10. Always find alternative ways to enjoy your vacation.
This is a vacation. Don't always push yourself to stay within your budget in a way that you are already being stingy. In the end, be happy to be where you are and who you are with.

Additional Note:
Be sure to take all the free advantages you come across. Sometimes adventure isn’t all about where you go, but what you do while you’re there with the people you meet.


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Sunday, July 6, 2014

7 Things I Consider in Travel Photography

Have you noticed how some of the travel photos of other people are exactly the same as what you see on postcards?

Yes, I also have some photos like that! I know it's common to capture those scenic spots; but after all, I realized, my photos are kinda boring. LOL! Not looking like it's originally captured by me.

I'm no expert in terms of photography but below are my recommended things to do when taking travel photos.

1. Make "Out of the Postcard Photography".
This concept has been my goal. Shoot landmarks in a different perspective. Who knows, you might discover something new and make stories about it. It could be that the rear view of the famous landmark resembles a thing no one ever thought of? Make sense?
Don't go traditional.
Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

2. Include local 'signages' in your photos.
In this way, your photo will have a good sense of place.Take a good shot of stores, restaurants with different names, road signs, and anything that is unique in the place.

3. Avoid boring group pictures in front of landmarks.
Be creative! Be unique. Take pictures of your company in action like drinking coffee in a local shop, or your mother haggling for a product or your brother buying food in a hawker station in Singapore. Those kinds are the once you'll surely cherish and worth-remembering for years to come. I'm sure all of us wants to bring back happy travel stories every time you get to see photos of your past vacations. Agree?

4. Include people in your photos.
Yup! You don't just take pictures solo or just the scenic place. It would be better if you will include locals doing their daily routines. You can also go on a street photography. Surely, there will be something interesting that will happen and something remarkable will be captured by you.
People always add on something to your photos. Don't just focus on the "what to be seen".

5. Be practical in Traveling by being a Minimalist.

Why? If you are just like me, "non-pro" photographer and just a travel blogger, you don't need bulky cameras. For me, a digital camera with high resolution and good photo quality will do. A lot of these kinds are available in the market nowadays! Just make sure to have more than enough storage for your photos. You don't need big lenses to have a great zoom. Walk, step closer. Hola! Zoomed!

6. Study food photography. 
When you travel, for sure, you will also get to eat different dishes served in a wonderful and worth-capturing way. So, if you know what I mean, it's time to study or practice food photography.
Yeah yeah! You might get anxious of the people around you while you take pictures of the food before eating; but, who cares? You just want to remember how beautiful that dish is served, right? Anyway, the food is not theirs. LOL! Just make sure to turn off the flash, learn how to use the macro features and play with the vibrancy.

7. Make use of "Identity" or Have your own "Trademark"
You might notice that most travel bloggers do have this one common photo where they are known for. It's like those in "paintings" where artists have their own style. I hope you get what I mean. Let me take my own trademark as an example. In every place I go, as much as possible, I do have this one shot where my 'fedora hat' is on the sand or anywhere along the place. It has been my trademark when I travel. In that way, whenever my friends see that kind of photo, it reminds them of me having a vacation again. What you think? :)

I hope my tips make sense on doing travel photography. Just remember, be creative and try something new! Think of new ways on how your viewers will see the photography.
Snap up good memories whenever you travel places!

Happy travel and bring back good travel stories with those amazing images!


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Must-Do's Whenever You Visit Baguio

Baguio city never loses its charm for me. It is always lovely all year round. Though this Summer Capital City of the Philippines you see now does not come close to how beautiful and breathtaking it was before, I always look forward on going here to enjoy the cold weather and most importantly, to experience the new things it has to offer for me to try and to see.

And because of that, I have created my list of the must-do’s in Baguio City that I have discovered so far. Some might sound ordinary but I hope you find most of it as interesting.

1. Have a lunch or dinner at Good Taste

This place was only recommended by my cousin living in Baguio. If you are looking for good food, this restaurant is just right for you. They serve mainly Filipino dishes. Prices are reasonable. Food quality is average, and serving sizes are more than adequate.

Location: No.8 Lapu Lapu Street, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines (Just nearby Burnham Park)

2. Have a cup of coffee in Cafe by The Ruins
This place is a good stop-over from a long walk in the city. Nice place to rest but not that worthy to dine. Price is quite expensive.

Location:   25 Chuntug St | Rizal Park, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines 

Toniang, Jonah and I (January 2013)
3. Treat yourself with Good Shepherd's Ube Jam
Make sure to drop by and buy Ube Jam at the Good Shepherd Convent. You can also get to see their products at the  public market; but, it would be better to buy them directly in the convent to assure shelf life.

Location:  15 Gibraltar Road, 2600 Baguio City (just near Mines View Park)

Found this ube besides the Good Shepherd Convent

4. Shop at Ukay-Ukay during Day or Night in Session Road
Baguio is famous for Ukay-Ukay or Wagwagan (jumble sale commonly used clothing). If you are looking for adventure of seeking signatured clothes, this activity is good for you. Just make sure you can identify imitations and secure your belongings like wallets and hand bags. In addition, learn how to haggle. "Baratan ang labanan!"
One of the Ukay-Ukay along Session Road
5. Souvenir Shopping at Pacdal, Mines View Park, and Baguio Public Market
You can see a lot of places in Baguio where you can buy souvenirs but I would suggest that you do your shopping at these 3 places for cheaper price. If you are looking for shirts and bonnets, it's cheaper to buy in Pacdal. If you are to buy wooden crafts, Mines View Park offers a wide variety of these. For cheap pasalubongs like peanut brittles, strawberry jams and other sweets, I would suggest that you do visit the public market. Just a reminder, always secure your belongings while in the marketplace.

6. Pick your own strawberries in the field in La Trinidad
If you are not running out of time, it is best to visit La Trinidad to pick your own fresh strawberries. There are also a lot of fresh vegetables here. Just be informed that you can experience heavy traffic flow going and leaving here. It is advisable to visit the place as early as you can.

7. Witness the Flower Festival
The flowers of Baguio is one of the reasons for the Panagbenga festival. This month-long most colorful celebration kicks off on the 1st day of February and usually ends on the first Sunday of March. Floral parades and street dances are the attractions for this festival. Be sure to check the schedule of the events and book your accommodations ahead of time.
Panagbenga Festival (2012)
8. Dine at 50's Diner
Make sure to include this as a part of your Baguio Trip checklist. Order their best-sellers! It's worth a try. They have more than adequate servings for a reasonable price. There's also a vintage car where you can get your picture taken as a remembrance.

Location: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio (just near the Haunted White House)
9. Taste the Strawberry Taho
You cannot say that your Baguio visit is complete without having a taste of its strawberry-flavored taho (soy/bean curd pudding). Your Baguio trip has to be with that local feeling and so trying strawberry taho sold along the streets are a must-try. There is no recommended vendor for this. You just have to check that there are really strawberry preserves and not just syrups.
Strawberry Taho

10. Have a Picnic at Camp John Hay
CJH is such a fun place to go to. It is a relaxing place where you can just sit or lay on the grass. This place is far from the road so you can bring kids and let them run along the area. Just one thing you have to remember, because of the cold temperature in Baguio, food gets cold so fast.

Things I Am Yet ToTry On My Next Visit
1. Visit Tam-awan
2. Dine Ketchup Food Community
3. Chocolate De Batirol in Camp John Hay
4. Visit the Haunted Diplomat Hotel 
5. Dine at The Forrest House/Lodge

So there you have it, my list of must-try's in Baguio. Should you find yourself in the City of Pines anytime soon, do take the time to check them out and share your thoughts.

I will try to add some more next time!!!

*Some of the photos are taken by Antonia Mendoza


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