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Red Car and Me

My mother always tells me stories about my childhood whenever we have “bonding time” or may I say, every time we are together. She really knows everything about my childhood and she enjoys telling me those funny stories. We even laugh till we drop!

But my childhood stories that momma tells are not always funny. So whenever I have questions like
“San ko nakuha ang peklat na to ma?” “Ano nangyari sa akin noong ganito ganyan?”
I ask her and tada!!!! Kwentuhan na naman!

Sometimes, it can make me realize things and understand why I am this way now. Those stories even though sad make me smile just remembering it happened to me. I hate crying so whenever I know momma is about to cry, I crank jokes and make her laugh. Those mementos are not to make us sad but happy. That is what I believe.

One of those stories which I cannot consider sad nor happy but … I don’t know, is the one which took place when I was about to turn eight. It was so remarkable in my life. I witnessed how much my parents lo…

It's All About Time

When I was younger and looked ahead , time seemed to move so slowly….
I could hardly imagine what other folks often said.

“Ang bilis ng oras.” “Lunes na naman, trabaho na naman.” “Tapos na ang day-off…”

But, as I aged older, the years seem short now. I even sometimes hear myself say…

“Pasukan na naman?” “Di ko man lang na-enjoy ang sembreak.”
And now, I can SOMETIMES realize the brevity of life.
Sometimes… ?

Yes! Kasi may mga araw sa buhay ko bilang estudyante na nasasabi ko…

“Ang tagal naman magbakasyon. Tagal ng sembreak!” “Hay! Ang tagal naman ng class. Tinatamad na ko!!!” “Di pa ba uwian? Bato na ko!”
I know! Nagdaan ka rin sa ganyan. Nasabi mo rin yan!
But still, I can realize how short life is. “Life is fleeting as vapor”, the Bible says. Para lang tayong mga bula. We appear for a little time and then vanish away. QUESTIONS,
Paano mo ba nagamit ang TIME mo?

Paano mo nagamit ang kung ide-describe ko, the most precious commodity on earth….
Yung the most precious gift one can give…