Sunday, July 6, 2014

7 Things I Consider in Travel Photography

Have you noticed how some of the travel photos of other people are exactly the same as what you see on postcards?

Yes, I also have some photos like that! I know it's common to capture those scenic spots; but after all, I realized, my photos are kinda boring. LOL! Not looking like it's originally captured by me.

I'm no expert in terms of photography but below are my recommended things to do when taking travel photos.

1. Make "Out of the Postcard Photography".
This concept has been my goal. Shoot landmarks in a different perspective. Who knows, you might discover something new and make stories about it. It could be that the rear view of the famous landmark resembles a thing no one ever thought of? Make sense?
Don't go traditional.
Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

2. Include local 'signages' in your photos.
In this way, your photo will have a good sense of place.Take a good shot of stores, restaurants with different names, road signs, and anything that is unique in the place.

3. Avoid boring group pictures in front of landmarks.
Be creative! Be unique. Take pictures of your company in action like drinking coffee in a local shop, or your mother haggling for a product or your brother buying food in a hawker station in Singapore. Those kinds are the once you'll surely cherish and worth-remembering for years to come. I'm sure all of us wants to bring back happy travel stories every time you get to see photos of your past vacations. Agree?

4. Include people in your photos.
Yup! You don't just take pictures solo or just the scenic place. It would be better if you will include locals doing their daily routines. You can also go on a street photography. Surely, there will be something interesting that will happen and something remarkable will be captured by you.
People always add on something to your photos. Don't just focus on the "what to be seen".

5. Be practical in Traveling by being a Minimalist.

Why? If you are just like me, "non-pro" photographer and just a travel blogger, you don't need bulky cameras. For me, a digital camera with high resolution and good photo quality will do. A lot of these kinds are available in the market nowadays! Just make sure to have more than enough storage for your photos. You don't need big lenses to have a great zoom. Walk, step closer. Hola! Zoomed!

6. Study food photography. 
When you travel, for sure, you will also get to eat different dishes served in a wonderful and worth-capturing way. So, if you know what I mean, it's time to study or practice food photography.
Yeah yeah! You might get anxious of the people around you while you take pictures of the food before eating; but, who cares? You just want to remember how beautiful that dish is served, right? Anyway, the food is not theirs. LOL! Just make sure to turn off the flash, learn how to use the macro features and play with the vibrancy.

7. Make use of "Identity" or Have your own "Trademark"
You might notice that most travel bloggers do have this one common photo where they are known for. It's like those in "paintings" where artists have their own style. I hope you get what I mean. Let me take my own trademark as an example. In every place I go, as much as possible, I do have this one shot where my 'fedora hat' is on the sand or anywhere along the place. It has been my trademark when I travel. In that way, whenever my friends see that kind of photo, it reminds them of me having a vacation again. What you think? :)

I hope my tips make sense on doing travel photography. Just remember, be creative and try something new! Think of new ways on how your viewers will see the photography.
Snap up good memories whenever you travel places!

Happy travel and bring back good travel stories with those amazing images!


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