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Top 10 Tips on How to Travel on a Shoestring Budget

Wanna travel but worrying about the expenses? No matter where you want to travel, there will always be simple ways for you to enjoy without getting broke or burning a hole through your pockets. Searching relentlessly for the lowest price, and budgeting your time and money, you can be assured of a memorable vacation. Below are ideas you can consider when planning to travel on a shoestring budget.

1. Always be alert on seat sales!
You might notice that for every occasion, most airlines offer seat sales. The prices are really cheap but you should always take into consideration the following: travel period, destinations, and inclusions. Most seat sales' travel period are a year ahead. Subscribe to email notifications or you can just follow airlines' official twitter or facebook accounts for This allows you to prepare for your budget and plan accordingly.

2. Check travel promo on deals websites and travel agencies
Packaged tours are available on most deal websites. It may come with airfare or none. Browse through their websites so you can get slots before they run out slots. Just be mindful of the inclusions that these packaged tours have. You can choose to pay via bank deposit if you need few hours to think about it. Most of these deal  websites do give you until the end of the day to deposit your payment to make your purchase official.

I also recommend to have a trusted agency for your travel needs. In this way, you can interact with them and ask for more details unlike those deal website packaged tour where there might be some tricks on the inclusions. Choose a travel agency where you can customize your travel based on your needs.

3. Compare deals or packaged tours and DIY travels and go with what fits your needs.
There are two things you can consider when choosing between DIY or availing travel packages.The first one is that you have money but no time to plan for your travel and the second is the other way around. If you fall in the first scenario, consider availing travel packages to save time and effort planning. If you fall in the second, consider DIY travels. If you fall in the middle, lucky you, you can choose any of the two! *laughs*

Again, you should consider your destination for this. Compare inclusions of the tour packages.
Somewhere along Halsema Highway going to Sagada
4. Don't be choosy with your accommodation.
Unless it is a 'staycation', some people choose to have a cozy hotel when in fact, they just need it to sleep and bathe. As a general rule for me, you don't go to a place to stay all day inside the hotel.  Choose just a decent and cheap one.

5. Travel in groups
Traveling in groups always saves you more - cost of hotel accommodations, food, and more. If no one is there to accompany you when you want to travel, some agencies do offer 'joiner' tour packages where you can meet new people and gain friends. It's cheaper but subject for availability.

6. Try to blend in with the locals.
Being with the locals may cost you cheaper travels by asking for advise on where to eat, what to do and where to go. You might be surprised of the gems you can discover from the advise they might say.

7. Pack light and purchase airfare with no check-in baggage.
Always think on what you should bring when traveling. Just the necessary. If it's a 3-day vacation, should you bringing a lot of clothes? If you don't need to check-in a baggage, don't avail it. Save money for it and use it for more food, tours and pasalubong.

8. Travel during off-peaks.
Pros, cheaper rates, less people, and exclusive getaways for you and your companions. Cons, off seasons maybe not a good time to travel because of the climate though. You can check the details whether it is peak or off seasons via google.

9. Research to save time and money when you get to your destination
A lot of travel stuffs are available online on places you want to visit. Research on must-try's and must-see's. It's a waste of time if you went to a place and found out later on that you missed out on all the great stuff just because you haven't done your research.

10. Always find alternative ways to enjoy your vacation.
This is a vacation. Don't always push yourself to stay within your budget in a way that you are already being stingy. In the end, be happy to be where you are and who you are with.

Additional Note:
Be sure to take all the free advantages you come across. Sometimes adventure isn’t all about where you go, but what you do while you’re there with the people you meet.


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