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Special Lugaw with Famous Ilocos Bagnet in Banchetto

One of the things I love when I am on a graveyard duty is the challenge of staying awake and lively throughout the night. Eating is one of the ways I can achieve that. Maybe that is one reason why I also get chubby after a month of night duty. LOL!

It was July when I started working at night. I listened to every advice that I received just to be able to stay awake - listen to the radio (Papa Jack), drink coffee, drink water, sleep at 10 am, eat every now and then, and more. (Kinareer!!! ^^,)

In all those suggestions, seems that only eating works.

And since eating is the only solution, I tried eating nuts, junk food, ice cream, and finally discovered one of the food that awakens me every time I feel sleepy. Wow Lugaw's Lugaw with Bagnet!
The first time I tried eating this, I couldn't help but take time to savor the tasty congee and the crispy bagnet! I added chili powder, pepper, chicken powder and a lot of toasted garlic to further enhance the taste and to really wake me up.…

Batu Caves Experience in Malaysia

After the trip in Bali, Indonesia, the next stop was the Garden City of Lights - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
It was just a quick visit. The only place in the itinerary was the Batu Caves where the Murugan statue is situated.

It is to honor lord Murugan who was the Hindu god of war and victory. It is the largest of all Murugan statues in the world standing 140ft high. The Batu Caves of Malaysia are situated in the Gombak district, approximately 13-15 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur reachable by train.

Again, it was just a quick visit. I wasn't able to see what was upstairs but according to the blogs, there is a temple where one can pray and a museum.
I wish I can go visit the place again someday and be able to see what's upstairs -Sacred Place? And in that time, I wish I have a lot of energy and enough sleep to climb that 272 steps! :P