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Biak na Bato Trip

Last March 14, 2009, our class went to the historical place of Biak na Bato in San Miguel, Bulacan.
The reason? To have our pictures taken for the annual-like project. That was the first time our class went out together.
It was an hour before lunch when we arrived there. Having so much to do, we decided to eat early lunch to enjoy our walk and spelunking after.
We had seen the centennial tree in the place. As we continued to walk by, we had been able to see things which were new to our sight considering that majority were their first time to see the place.
One of the places we had seen was the Bat Cave. Our tour guides said that Katipuneros used to make that cave their resting place during the old days. Inside the cave was a small clear stream. We took our pictures for the annual inside the cave and headed to our next destination.
The next plan was to enjoy the rest of the trip... swimming – actually, they didn’t able to swim instead, they just plunged themselves into the waters. It…