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Exploring Baler

Located in the province of Aurora, Baler is known as a place where you can go surfing because of the big waves; but, it is not just a place for surfers because there are also places where even non-surfers like us could enjoy beach bumming and nature-tripping.
Despite of the long travel, the rough road and the landslide that took place just days before we visited the place, I had no regrets seeing the town of Baler with my friends last June 11 and 12 of 2011. 
Being on any road trip with them is surely a time full of hilarious jokes and make-up crazy stories. Laitan, kantahan and kung anu-ano pang kalokohan sa daan. Hahaha! Anyway, it’s always fun being with these guys – Gladelle, Mhylene, She, Sheila and Jonah.
What We Did in Baler:
MyTravels | Facing the Pacific Sunrise at Sabang, Beach BalerMyTravels | Diguisit Bay, BalerMyTravels | Glimpsing the Past in BalerMyTravels | Being One with Nature in BalerIt was just a short vacation but surely, one of the unforgettable trips I had!
Till the…

Being One with Nature in Baler

Ditumabo Falls About 5 kilometer away from Baler, we headed to San Luis . The town is famous for its waterfalls. They call the waterfalls as Mother Falls maybe because this is their source of water and as far as I know, also a source of energy.
The place was not fully accessible by vehicles when we went there. As soon as we got to the parking place, we thought we had already reached the falls but we were wrong because the commoners told us that we would have to walk 2 to 3 kilometers for us to see the Mother Falls.

They also told us that we had to be accompanied by one of the guardians of the place because it would be dangerous to just explore the way up the falls. After signing in the log book of the place and giving donations, we started walking. 
Along the way, we were told that there would be several waterfalls and that the so-called ‘Mother Falls’ is the last and the biggest. We were warned about snakes and slippery road. 
Along the way, we saw this some sort of a resting place with…

Glimpsing the Past in Baler

Ermita Hill

Perfect for overlooking the panoramic view of the Sabang Beach and the dark blue coast of the Pacific Ocean, Ermita Hill which is situated in Poblacion, Casiguran was one of the place where we united with nature and did a little jogging. 
Trip kung trip lang na magjogging nung pababa ng hill dahil umaga naman daw. Hahaha! We stayed there for a couple of minutes for photo sessions and headed for our next destinations.
It was on the 27th of December, 1735 a catastrophic tsunami hit and destroyed the old Baler main town. There were only six families survived . They ran and swam to the nearby Point Baja Hill which is now known as the Ermita Hill. The resettlement areas became known as “Kinagunasan” which litterally means devastated. Survivors include Bihasa, Bitong, Carrasco, Lumasac, Poblete and the prominent Angara family. At the bottom of the hill, there are statues that serves as a marker to those who have perished and survived the tragic destruction.

Museo De Baler

Diguisit Bay, Baler

We were about to go to Diguisit Falls but due to the landslide because of the typhoon that hit Baler, the road was closed.Fortunately, we found this small beach just along the way but we had to walk along the dangerous debris strewn on the road. Since this beach captured our attention because of its white sand, we really thought of a way to reach the other side.
 We headed straight to the seashore and found a native of the place. I ask what’s the name of the place and the native said ‘Luksu-Luksu’. The beach has many rock formations and that formed islets where you can hop from one rock to the other. It was then that I realized why it was called so. (Luksu – Hop)
Here are our camwhoring picture. :D

Facing the Pacific Sunrise at Sabang, Beach Baler

One of the best things we did while in Baler was to wake up early just to walk along the beach while watching the sun rises from the Pacific. It was so simple yet very relaxing and a great way to start the day. It was also a great time to just sit beside the shore and meditate.
We couldn't help taking pictures and at the same time, feeling the sea waters and sand on our toes every ebb and flow.