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Café by the Ruins, Baguio

Last January 2013, Tony, Jonah and I were in the Summer Capital organizing a trip. It was our last day and we grabbed the chance to relax before we went back to Bulacan. We were supposed to go to Chocolate de Batirol but in the interest of time, we decided to just to go somewhere near. It was a luck that I happened to see Cafe by the Ruins. Just with the name alone, our interest is enough to get stimulated.
Located in the heart of the city, Café by the Ruins will really take you out of the busy streets of Baguio. Its bamboo fences, wooden crafts, and rustic interiors matched up together to bring a cozy ambiance.
At first, you will be intrigued why it was associated with 'ruins' and upon my research, it was the war-torn house of the first civil governor of Benguet - Phelps Whitmarsh. I also found out that this cafe is famous for it's breakfast but unfortunately, when we got there, we just had a coffee and their delicious cinnamon bread and ensaymada.

By the way, we trie…