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Road Trip to Ilocos Provinces

This was an opportunity that I could not miss so even if it was just the first month of 2013 and even if I have already a scheduled trip in Ilocos this June, I grabbed this chance of joining DJEF and helped them organizing the Seminars and Field Trips of BS Computer Engineering of Bulacan State University – bus rental, catering services, certificates, and more. In return, I have explored Ilocos Provinces for free and have a good travel experience for the first quarter of 2013. Anyway, DJEF is a travel agency owned and managed by my travel buddy – Jonah Meneses. I used to be the graphic designer of DJEF Travel and Tours making promo ads and also website for it
This was a week-long trip covering 3 destinations – Subic, Ilocos Provinces, and Baguio but this post will just be highlighting the Ilocos Provinces part. 
From SBMA, the travel time to Ilocos Norte particularly Pagudpud took approximately 13 hours via bus. It was almost 4 AM of January 29, 2013 when we arrived at our first accom…