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Indonesia: My First Adventure Abroad

For my first trip abroad, Indonesia was a cool and adventurous travel destination because it has much to offer to a traveler like me who loves to see natural beauty and well-preserved landscapes. -June 12-15, 2012
I got to meet different people of different religions and had a chance to discover rich culture. To get to know a different culture was a big experience for me. I regretted nothing. Every person I met is opened, kind and friendly.
In Jakarta, I got a chance to meet in person two of my long-time twitter friends - Hengkie and Anggara. It’s been a year since I booked my ticket to Indonesia. With me was my best friend Jonah.
We toured the city and visited some of the national places in Central Jakarta. One of which was MoNas.

After a day tour in its capital city, the next destination was Bali. Here, we got to meet Made, Irfan, and Muri - Jonah’s colleagues, who also planned their vacation the same time as ours. Made is a Hindu, Irfan and Muri are Muslims.
Bali, the land of the go…