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You Haven’t Gone to Baler Yet? Here’s What You've Missed!

When talking about getaways nearby the Metro, one of the places I usually recommend is Baler. With only six hours of drive away from Manila, this place is good for groups who are adventure seekers during weekends.

This part of the country was one of the least explored before; but now, it is starting to catch the attention of travelistas in the metro. I think this sort of ‘popularity’ started when KrisTV (a local TV program showcasing anything under the sun hosted by Kris Aquino) visited this place last January 2014.

I still can remember when I first visited this place with my barkada last 2009, we were the only tourists along the beach and no surfers were there. It was just a countryside town – quaint and serene. But now, it has become a tourist spot with growing commercial establishments all around.

So now, do you know what is it about Baler that keeps people – surfers, photographers and just travelers – coming to this place?

Below are the reasons why and might make you realize what you’ve missed if you haven’t visited this place yet.

The List:

1. Ride the Waves
If there’s one thing that you must try when you are in Baler, it would be no other than surfing. Baler offers various surfing spots for all kinds of person – beginners to professionals.

The most popular beach when it comes to riding the waves is the Sabang Beach. At peak season, you will find lots of surfers – both amateurs and professionals, enjoying the waves of this long stretch of beach. Other surf points are the Charlie’s Point, Lindy’s Point and Cobra Reef (Cemento Beach) – cobra because of its wave shape.

Baler (2014)
Best time to surf in Baler?
You can surf all year round in Baler but if you are really looking for best waves to ride, it would be from October to February where it would reach its peak quality and size by December to January as the locals of Baler said.

Boss Jonah and I after our first try of surfing
Need surfing lessons?
There are a lot of surfing lessons to avail within the beach area or you can opt to avail packages where surfing lessons are already included.
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2. Food Trip
When traveling, it has been my custom to try the food the locals eat. In Baler, one of the best things to do is to food trip! This place offers fairly enough options to eat for every travelistas. If you are looking for a eat-all-you-can restaurant, you can just walk around the town and find Gerry Shan’s place (Chinese and Seafood Cuisine). Some hotels also offer really good food like Costa Pacifica, Aliya Surf Camp, Bayler View, and Bay’s Inn. At night time, after a long and tiring day of trekking and surfing, you can relax, eating barbeque and a bottle of beer in Baler Surfers Grill.
Kilawing Tuna (Costa Pacifica)
Shrimp Dish (Costa Pacifica)

Baler Surfer Grill

3. Trek to Mother Falls
When in Baler, you can visit several waterfalls where you can enjoy the cool water from the mountain top after a long trek. Ditumabo falls or the Mother Falls of San Luis is one of the most visited of which. Others are Caunayan or the El Pimentel also in San Luis and Diguisit Falls in Baler. Just make sure you are ready for a 3 to 4 kilometer walk and have a good pair of footwear!
Waters from the falls

Ditumabo Falls
4. Glimpsing the Past
While almost all travelers think of Baler as a place for wave riders, what else is there in Baler aside from surfing and food tripping?

Quezon's Vintage Car
Facade of Museo de Baler
Wooden designs of the Museum's Exterior
Baler is rich in historical facts and they value each of these by showcasing it to travelers as tourist spots. From museums to old houses to statues, there are stories behind that almost each local of Baler has knowledge of.

Inside the Museum
5. Nature Tripping
Having been here for a couple of times, I really consider Baler as one of the best place to be with nature. One will surely enjoy the view of the greens going to this surfers’ paradise. Though going to some of the falls will be kind of a challenge, reaching the main attraction will surely worth the effort. A lot is there to see and to experience. From 600-year-old Balete tree to picturesque Pacific coast, from sunrise to sundown, this town is really a place that will make you fall in love with it.

Dicasalarin Cove View from PAGASA Station

600-year-old Balete Tree of Maria Aurora
Rock Formations nearby Luksu-Luksu
Pacific Sunrise at Sabang Beach

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