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You Haven’t Gone to Baler Yet? Here’s What You've Missed!

When talking about getaways nearby the Metro, one of the places I usually recommend is Baler. With only six hours of drive away from Manila, this place is good for groups who are adventure seekers during weekends.

This part of the country was one of the least explored before; but now, it is starting to catch the attention of travelistas in the metro. I think this sort of ‘popularity’ started when KrisTV (a local TV program showcasing anything under the sun hosted by Kris Aquino) visited this place last January 2014.

I still can remember when I first visited this place with my barkada last 2009, we were the only tourists along the beach and no surfers were there. It was just a countryside town – quaint and serene. But now, it has become a tourist spot with growing commercial establishments all around.

So now, do you know what is it about Baler that keeps people – surfers, photographers and just travelers – coming to this place?

Below are the reasons why and might make you realize what …

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sagada

Finally, I find time updating my travel blog again after a long time! These past few months, I have been to different places but cannot find time of sharing my experience. You know work-related stuffs that makes me look old, stressed out and no balance in life? Hell yeah! To start, one of the places I have visited was Sagada! It was an unexpected and unplanned tour!
Backstory: I was a new member in my new project and was starting the knowledge transfer sessions for almost a month then. I was stressed that time because of the stuffs being loaded in my mind… processes, reports, monitoring and the likes. Information overload for almost a month!
I needed a break!
And what would be a better way to refresh my system after a stressing work in the metro? Yeaaaaaah! Time off! Luckily, just two weeks then, my travel colleague proposed that we accompany the group going to Sagada as there were still available slots and it would be a good time to visit the place to conduct ocular inspection. At …