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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sagada

Finally, I find time updating my travel blog again after a long time! These past few months, I have been to different places but cannot find time of sharing my experience. You know work-related stuffs that makes me look old, stressed out and no balance in life? Hell yeah!
To start, one of the places I have visited was Sagada! It was an unexpected and unplanned tour!

I was a new member in my new project and was starting the knowledge transfer sessions for almost a month then. I was stressed that time because of the stuffs being loaded in my mind… processes, reports, monitoring and the likes. Information overload for almost a month!

I needed a break!

And what would be a better way to refresh my system after a stressing work in the metro?
Yeaaaaaah! Time off! Luckily, just two weeks then, my travel colleague proposed that we accompany the group going to Sagada as there were still available slots and it would be a good time to visit the place to conduct ocular inspection. At first, I was so undecided to push through with this. Reason? I was unsure whether my unplanned leave would be approved by my supervisor. I had to think of excuses… excuses… and excuses just to make this happen.

And because I am good in making valid excuses and giving options to come up with a win-win negotiations, Friday night, I just found myself traveling to Sagada and escaping the metro.
Talking about ‘finding ways’ huh!?
The Lists:
Surprisingly, Sagada is a place where most people just know it where it is located but no idea of what to see or to do. So, for those who are clueless of this place and planning to have a visit sometime soon, I say it is best to go there with all the surprises and be amazed with what you will discover.

But for those who are into details and still needing reasons why you should go, I listed some of the things that I consider 'must-try's' when in Sagada and make you ask yourself, why you haven’t visited this place yet.

1. Shout Hello in a Valley of Echo
This place will serve as a jumpstart to your Sagada tour. Just a short trek from the cemetery, this place will amazed you with lots of greens and a good view of the rock formations of Sagada. Your guide, if you have any, will suggest to shout anything for you to hear echoes. I don’t wanna be technical how this is possible so let me end this part now!

Echo Valley
DJEF Travel and Tour's Sagada Client

2. Visit the Hanging Coffins in Sagada
Eerie yet captivating, this old bizarre tradition is still practiced by the natives of Sagada. There are various places where you can see these coffins up close and one of the famous places is located just nearby the Echo Valley. According to the locals, not all have the privilege to experience this when they die for reasons that they only know why. They also say that the higher the coffins, the more valued the dead was. You can also notice that some are small and wonder how it was hung that way.
Hanging Coffins
Jonah and I

3. Sunset and Bonfire in Lake Danum
Lake Danum usually a place for camping and good place to witness the sunset after a long day of activities. You can ask your guide to setup a dinner by the lake if you want to.
Lake Danum
According to folklore, this place is where name Sagada originated. Ganduyan was the former name of Sagada. But when the Americans came, it was changed. It was told that there was once a tribes man, fetching water in the lake, asked for the name of the place by an American. Due to language barrier, the tribesman thought the American was asking the name of the water vessel so he replied. Sag-a da! which means water carrier.
4. Savor the Flavors of Sagada
If there is one thing that I would really suggest when visiting Sagada, it is ‘food tripping’. Any traveler who visits this place would always include food as part of their activities here. Interestingly enough, this small mountain town is a culinary surprise. Well, you have to spend a bit more than expected to taste it; but, it is really a value-for-money. Home-made yoghurt, ‘Pinikpikan’, and lemon pie are some of the must-try’s.
Yoghurt House Chicken Meal
Yoghurt House's Best Seller
Salt and Pepper's Sinarabasab
5. Witness the Sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint
If there is a good place in Sagada to view the sunset, Kiltepan, on the other hand is the place where you can have a spectacular view of the sunrise. Sea of clouds will also amazed you as you reach it. When you visit Sagada to witness this, make sure you are equipped with at least a high resolution camera and a tripod to capture this spot.
Sea of Cloud

6. Be amazed with the Rice Terraces
Though smaller, Sagada has its own masterpiece of the rice terraces landscape. Aside from its size, the remarkable difference of this landscape with that of the famous Banaue’s is the construction of its ‘pilapil’ or dam/terrace. Sagada’s version is made up of rocks while Banaue is made up of compacted soil. One vast place where you can see this is your way to Bomod-ok Falls.
Rice Terraces along the way to Bomod-Ok Falls
7. Spelunking for Beginners
Not a fan of exploring caves because I am a bit claustrophobic but this place is a good start of beginners. The experience would be tiring but worth it.

8. Trek the Bomod-Ok falls
When visiting Sagada, it is surely a 'must' to behold the renowned Big Falls. Bomod-ok Falls with its breath-taking view will capture the attention of every tourist, local and foreign.
Just be ready to get exhausted by the long trek but it will definitely worth it.
Long walk to Bomod-Ok

If you haven’t been to Sagada yet, I hope this blogpost inspires you to go there and most if not all of the things on this list.
Share your memories too!

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