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Sun and Sand in Pearl Farm, Samal Island

One of the breath-taking vacation spots here in the Philippines, Pearl Farm, Samal Island, Davao is for individuals looking for a secluded, private, and relaxing place to spend a day or two.

Our tickets were bought 10 months before but we had done a little research about Davao just two months before the flight – where to eat, where to go, what to do. I was still reviewing for board exams so we weren’t able to focus that much on researching.

First thing that came up on our research was Samal, Island. There are so many beach resorts in Samal. Of all those resorts, we chose Pearl Farm, Beach Resort. Yup! Others say it is an expensive resort but since my travel buddy is a travel agent and he knows how to travel wise (Tipid Traveler), we were able to get discounts. And as we always say when spending, ‘Minsan lang naman yan. Gastusan na kung ganun.’ I was also amazed to know that what I used to see in videoke is the place that we were about to go to. If you are a Videoke lover, for sur…