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Must-Do's Whenever You Visit Baguio

Baguio city never loses its charm for me. It is always lovely all year round. Though this Summer Capital City of the Philippines you see now does not come close to how beautiful and breathtaking it was before, I always look forward on going here to enjoy the cold weather and most importantly, to experience the new things it has to offer for me to try and to see.

And because of that, I have created my list of the must-do’s in Baguio City that I have discovered so far. Some might sound ordinary but I hope you find most of it as interesting.

1. Have a lunch or dinner at Good Taste

This place was only recommended by my cousin living in Baguio. If you are looking for good food, this restaurant is just right for you. They serve mainly Filipino dishes. Prices are reasonable. Food quality is average, and serving sizes are more than adequate.

Location: No.8 Lapu Lapu Street, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines (Just nearby Burnham Park)

2. Have a cup of coffee in Cafe by The Ruins
This place is a good stop-over from a long walk in the city. Nice place to rest but not that worthy to dine. Price is quite expensive.

Location:   25 Chuntug St | Rizal Park, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines 

Toniang, Jonah and I (January 2013)
3. Treat yourself with Good Shepherd's Ube Jam
Make sure to drop by and buy Ube Jam at the Good Shepherd Convent. You can also get to see their products at the  public market; but, it would be better to buy them directly in the convent to assure shelf life.

Location:  15 Gibraltar Road, 2600 Baguio City (just near Mines View Park)

Found this ube besides the Good Shepherd Convent

4. Shop at Ukay-Ukay during Day or Night in Session Road
Baguio is famous for Ukay-Ukay or Wagwagan (jumble sale commonly used clothing). If you are looking for adventure of seeking signatured clothes, this activity is good for you. Just make sure you can identify imitations and secure your belongings like wallets and hand bags. In addition, learn how to haggle. "Baratan ang labanan!"
One of the Ukay-Ukay along Session Road
5. Souvenir Shopping at Pacdal, Mines View Park, and Baguio Public Market
You can see a lot of places in Baguio where you can buy souvenirs but I would suggest that you do your shopping at these 3 places for cheaper price. If you are looking for shirts and bonnets, it's cheaper to buy in Pacdal. If you are to buy wooden crafts, Mines View Park offers a wide variety of these. For cheap pasalubongs like peanut brittles, strawberry jams and other sweets, I would suggest that you do visit the public market. Just a reminder, always secure your belongings while in the marketplace.

6. Pick your own strawberries in the field in La Trinidad
If you are not running out of time, it is best to visit La Trinidad to pick your own fresh strawberries. There are also a lot of fresh vegetables here. Just be informed that you can experience heavy traffic flow going and leaving here. It is advisable to visit the place as early as you can.

7. Witness the Flower Festival
The flowers of Baguio is one of the reasons for the Panagbenga festival. This month-long most colorful celebration kicks off on the 1st day of February and usually ends on the first Sunday of March. Floral parades and street dances are the attractions for this festival. Be sure to check the schedule of the events and book your accommodations ahead of time.
Panagbenga Festival (2012)
8. Dine at 50's Diner
Make sure to include this as a part of your Baguio Trip checklist. Order their best-sellers! It's worth a try. They have more than adequate servings for a reasonable price. There's also a vintage car where you can get your picture taken as a remembrance.

Location: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio (just near the Haunted White House)
9. Taste the Strawberry Taho
You cannot say that your Baguio visit is complete without having a taste of its strawberry-flavored taho (soy/bean curd pudding). Your Baguio trip has to be with that local feeling and so trying strawberry taho sold along the streets are a must-try. There is no recommended vendor for this. You just have to check that there are really strawberry preserves and not just syrups.
Strawberry Taho

10. Have a Picnic at Camp John Hay
CJH is such a fun place to go to. It is a relaxing place where you can just sit or lay on the grass. This place is far from the road so you can bring kids and let them run along the area. Just one thing you have to remember, because of the cold temperature in Baguio, food gets cold so fast.

Things I Am Yet ToTry On My Next Visit
1. Visit Tam-awan
2. Dine Ketchup Food Community
3. Chocolate De Batirol in Camp John Hay
4. Visit the Haunted Diplomat Hotel 
5. Dine at The Forrest House/Lodge

So there you have it, my list of must-try's in Baguio. Should you find yourself in the City of Pines anytime soon, do take the time to check them out and share your thoughts.

I will try to add some more next time!!!

*Some of the photos are taken by Antonia Mendoza


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