Sunday, September 27, 2015

Baguio Forest House : Bed and Breakfast

One of the best places to visit and stay while you are in Baguio is this cozy place where you will always feel like it’s Christmas – Baguio Forest House. Fortunately, I was able to experience staying here even for just a night for business matters. Literally, I felt like I’m inside Santa’s house – the color, the ambiance, and the designs!

Forest House, Loakan Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

I must admit, I really love the place and now I understand why most of the people I used to ask of the where-to’s in Baguio always recommend this place.

One of the things I loved during my stay this September 2015 was the ambiance of each place of the house. Every part of the house is a good place to relax and feel comfortable.

The Room
The room is also one of the things I love about this place. I wish I have the same style in our house. Rustic and quaint ! I heard the house is owned by an architect which explains why the design is simply captivating.

The Food
Needless to say, the fact that I took photos of the food before eating is really something that caught my attention and the taste…ah! Yummy! Take a look at our breakfast!

So, guys with the same passion, I bet you must put this in your bucket list!
Just a tip, book your reservations early enough to have the best deals. :)

Disclosure : This blog is my write-up and all posted here are based on my own opinions. Food and accommodations are on my account.


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