Sunday, September 30, 2012

Special Lugaw with Famous Ilocos Bagnet in Banchetto

One of the things I love when I am on a graveyard duty is the challenge of staying awake and lively throughout the night. Eating is one of the ways I can achieve that. Maybe that is one reason why I also get chubby after a month of night duty. LOL!

It was July when I started working at night. I listened to every advice that I received just to be able to stay awake - listen to the radio (Papa Jack), drink coffee, drink water, sleep at 10 am, eat every now and then, and more. (Kinareer!!! ^^,)

In all those suggestions, seems that only eating works.

And since eating is the only solution, I tried eating nuts, junk food, ice cream, and finally discovered one of the food that awakens me every time I feel sleepy. Wow Lugaw's Lugaw with Bagnet!
One serving of Lugaw with Bagnet
The first time I tried eating this, I couldn't help but take time to savor the tasty congee and the crispy bagnet! I added chili powder, pepper, chicken powder and a lot of toasted garlic to further enhance the taste and to really wake me up. Aaaaaah! It was good that I my sleepiness went away. I actually craved for it!

By the way, Bagnet is the Ilocano version of the Lechon Kawali of Katagalugan. It is doubled-deep-fried crispy pork specialty of Ilocos.

It is available in Banchetto in Venice Piazza at McKinley for only 50 PhP! You can try it with other ingredients like twalya , egg and tokwa for only 65 Php!
Seems expensive? Well, I guess it's worth it! :)

Banchetto in McKinley is open every Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9PM to 4AM.

Just a reminder, eat bagnet moderately!


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