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Red Car and Me

My mother always tells me stories about my childhood whenever we have “bonding time” or may I say, every time we are together. She really knows everything about my childhood and she enjoys telling me those funny stories. We even laugh till we drop!

But my childhood stories that momma tells are not always funny. So whenever I have questions like
“San ko nakuha ang peklat na to ma?”
“Ano nangyari sa akin noong ganito ganyan?”

I ask her and tada!!!! Kwentuhan na naman!

Sometimes, it can make me realize things and understand why I am this way now. Those stories even though sad make me smile just remembering it happened to me. I hate crying so whenever I know momma is about to cry, I crank jokes and make her laugh. Those mementos are not to make us sad but happy. That is what I believe.

One of those stories which I cannot consider sad nor happy but … I don’t know, is the one which took place when I was about to turn eight. It was so remarkable in my life. I witnessed how much my parents love me. So this is how the story goes according to my momma….
It was 22nd of February 1997, Saturday. It was a humdrum afternoon.

I just had chicken pox and still some poxes were on my face and body. I was out of school for about a month then. (The story about the chicken pox is funny too. I will post it someday.)
That time, at grandmother’s front yard, there parked an old dilapidated red car owned by my uncle. It was still functional but it was only used once.

YES! This story is about the red car and my naughtiness.

This is a picture of I and the Red Car.
I was playing outside with a kid with no name (I can’t remember really his name so let's just name him Kid). What I can remember is that the kid is of my age and he is a son of a “kubrador”.

That time, I love playing fire… YUP! Gusto ko ang paglalaro ng apoy! LOL!

I think that was the time that I saw my cousins play with fire too.

Yun na yun!
Hahaha! My cousin use to play matchsticks.

Lit them then throw in air like a firework! ♫♪♫♪ (singing)

TULAD NG KASABIHAN: Ang ginagawa ng matanda ay tama sa mata ng bata…
Curious enough… I imitated my cousin when I got a chance to have a matchbox!
Meanwhile… while I was having fun playing with fire…. (nakatakas sa nanay)
My mother was at our house. She was talking to my Lola Mareng (hipag ni lola), who delivered cases of Red Horse to our mini store. Daddy was then working at Mama Dario’s place.

They were busy. So yun! Nakatakas ako!

To continue, I was enjoying the matchstick fireworks! Sindi dito! Sindi doon! Weeeeeeee!

All of a sudden, may kung anong pwersa ang nag-udyok sa akin para pumunta sa bulok na kotse. By the way, I was playing with Kid ah! I forgot about him hahaha!

The silly thing I did was this….

I love action movies when I was young…. You know kids! They love watching with their dads. Haha!

Something forced me to open the tank of the car. The gasoline tank!

Maybe I was thinking how car explodes like those in the movies! CURIOUS LA-ANG EH!

YUN! I, due to my naughtiness, put a lighted match stick into the tank and tada!!!

Nothing happened….
Nothing happened so fast…
So I peeped inside the hole. CURIOSITY AGAIN!
All of a sudden, when I was peeping, sumiklab ang tangke ng gasolina!!!


It burned my face!


Iba rin ang trip ko noong bata ako di ba?

Maybe I was influenced by those TV shows. Luckily, the tank was so dry that it’s not enough to make it explode. So sumilab lang bigla!

Parang may tambutso na natapat sa mukha mo ang feeling!!!

What happened next?

I rushed to my mom with Kid! I think Kid was the one who explained what happened or maybe it was me. Can’t remember! Haha!

Mom… shocked… asked me why my face looked like I played with ashes…

She told me that I have burned eyebrows and no eyelashes….


“nilagyan ko po ng posporo yung tangke ng kotse…” I told her.

And that’s it! I made my mom panic! She called dad right away. She washed my face and rub tomatoes on it and then rushed to the hospital!

We rushed to a pedia, Dra. Casas. I wonder why. Maybe because I was a child then or maybe mom only knew Dra. Casas that time. We were not admitted. So we rushed to Mendoza General Hospital – the hospital where I was born.

I remember, while we were inside the tricycle with I think it was my tita, there was a man riding a bicycle blocking our way…. Mom shouted at this person while crying. My mom even peed on her pants because of nervousness. She thought I was in critical condition then. My dad on the other hand was also panicking. Ura-rada, nagpaalam kay Mama Dario at bumale pa ng 6 thousand dahil daw ako ay nasunog.
Found this photo in my Lola's house in Plaridel - laminated and displayed in the sala. This picture is taken after I recovered from the burns - no eyebrows. LOL

Momma told me daddy was crying when he arrived at the hospital because he thought I was totally burned. Maybe they thought I was toasted. GRABE!

Dr. Ron said it was just a minor burn. First degree burn similar to sun-burn. But some parts got second degree burns. My upperlip!

That night, my parents were already relaxed… thankful that nothing so serious happened to me. Mom asked me if I want to see my face on a mirror but I rebuffed. I looked like zombie daw!!!

Sabi rin ng doctor, swerte ko daw at di ako nabulag. Yun ang unang tinignan sa akin nung ako ay sinugod sa hospital.

Mom was wondering too… She told me ang swerte ko nga daw. (paulit-ulit)!

Mom told me that “may bumulong sa akin na pumikit ako, ma kaya di ako nabulag”. I can’t remember saying those words but my mom really insists that I did utter those. Maybe my guardian angel…. Hmmm what do you think?

Dad, upon knowing that everything was okay, bought new pants for mom. He also thought I was going to be confined for days so he bought set of plates and basket full of food. The next day, I was released. My doctor just gave me a cream to make the wounds heal faster.

If you look at me now! No scars noticeable!

Recalling that story, I proved na delikado pala ang buhay ng taong malapit magbirthday talaga. Haha!

That was a story I will never forget!

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