Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Grill by Antonio's Tagaytay

Tagaytay has been a place where our peer usually hang out since 2009. Aside from being easily accessible from the Manila, its mild climate and dramatic scenery, this place has a lot to offer for foodies like us.

For foodies, there are many must-try restaurants located around the place. One of which is the The Grill by Antonio's.

Last July 4, I got a chance to dine here. Planned a week before, assuming that it would be a holiday since I am working on a project that is US-based, I immediately confirmed that I would be joining them and paid my part for the hotel. And to my surprise, it was not a nonworking holiday for me. So, I had no choice. I had to work that evening even if I was on a trip. WFH as they normally say... Work From Hotel! LOL

So going back to Antonio's Grill,  we arrived at around 2PM in Tagaytay. We head straight to The Grill to have our late lunch. First thing I noticed is the place. It looks so cozy and similar to an American Craftsman style.
Combination of Black and White
Second thing I noticed is that most of the dishes served here are Filipino food. Yum yum! :D
Since it was lunch and the same time, it was foggy, we decided to eat something hot and something we don't usually eat, so we ordered Kadyos and Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso.

We only ordered two viand because the servings is already too much for our group.
I am not food blogger/expert so nothing more to say about the details of how the dishes tastes but definitely, it was sumptuous!  Sulit!
Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso
Those two dishes served with hot steam rice was already too much for our lunch.Bloated and may Take-Out pa!
The look of a hungry person without sleep yet. LOL
After a minute of just chilling and little planning of what to do next, we went to our accommodation to rest.

Next stop... Windgate Manor to have Full Body Massage and Bag of Beans to relax.
Guess work cannot stop me from doing my adventure thing! :P

The Grill by Antonio's or simply Antonio's Grill is located along Aguinaldo Highway near Magallanes Square and beside Leslie's.

For more info, visit their site at



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