Saturday, December 29, 2012

Boracay Island Trip

Finally, I got to visit Boracay and experienced how to be a bum in this beautiful island! - December 2012
Beach Bumming at Station-2

With Mhilen and Micka

It was my first time to visit the place and unfortunately, I don't have any good quality camera to take high-resolution pictures so, all pictures here are from my phone and from tablet. Boracay is famous for its white fine sands and blue waters. To be honest, this place is much beautiful than Bali - beach wise. The small island is filled with lively people all out to have a good time.
Eary morning at the beach front...
You can find many sand art over the place made by the locals. Take a picture with it and just give donations.
Anyway, if you are looking for something that would be related to history or culture to see in this place like those in Bali, well, you have to forget it as this place is really just for hanging out and unwinding up.
You will notice that there are no person at my back. Kakauwe lang kasi nila! LOL

As a beach bum, I have to say that I like the island as it is lovely and just blue. Though there are a lot of people walking around, you can still feel relaxed. Maybe because people walking around are just relaxed too. :)
Willy's Rock Formation at Station-1
The island has three famous stations. Stations 1 to 3. Each station is different. Station 1 has the most expensive hotels and the sand is whiter and really fine. The second station I would say is the busiest. Here you can have your food trips and bar hopping. I would name it as the Entertainment Station. LOL! I have not gone to the third station but they say the sand in there is not as fine as the 2 stations. No idea how it look like. Hahaha!
You can find a lot of stores in Station-2 and Station-1.
By the way, if you are planning to visit Boracay, you have to try the night life here as this is what the island is also famous for.
I got to experience this but since I am not a fan of loud music, I just stay in a bar where there is just a man singing with a guitar. I got to try the Mojito and joined it with San Mig Light.
For my first time in Boracay, I can recommend it for people who just like to unwind and have a good time. It is a safe place for a vacation. I will definitely go back someday!

The Sunset at Boracay, Island



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