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Hundred Percent Fun in Alaminos, Pangasinan | Hundred Islands!

A trip to Hundred Island National Park is a great diversion from the busy urban life . This is one of the places I visited and will never ever forget.
It was last November of 2010 when I got a chance to experience the beauty and the adventure that lies in the hundred wonders - Hundred Islands!
Parola at Lucap Wharf
I was with my classmates and other colleagues when we visited the place. It was a sort of team building for all Electronics Engineering student of Bulacan State University. At first, I planned not to go because of the workloads that I had since I was a graduating student that time but since it would be the last for the school year and I needed some break that time, I decided to count myself in.
It was a long trip. We arrived at the wharf at about 5:30 in the morning and I was able to behold the beauty of the sun rise!
Expectacular Sun Rise at the Wharf

After we grouped ourselves into 15, we immediately jumped into the boat and head to Governor's island.

While on our way to the first island, I got excited because of the views along the way. I was amazed by the islands that we passed by our way.

After 20-minute boat ride, our batch finally arrived at the Governor's Island. Some of our classmates were on the other islands. This island is where you can have a good view of the place. You can see the picturesque collection of the islands.
Top of Governor's Island where you can view the Picturesque Collection of Other Islands

We had our breakfast here. After eating our breakfast, we had our pictures taken. Good thing Glenn, my classmate was with me. I was able to have solo shots. *laughs*
Governor's Island

In front of the Governor's Island

Governor's Island is also the place where the famous Bahay ni Kuya is situated. Unfornately, I wasn't able to have a picture of it and wasn't able to look at it closely too. It is considered (I think) as a private place.

TRIVIA: The islands and islets here are really over a hundred. It is actually 123 islands when low tide and 124 during high tide.
After having our pictures taken, we jumped into our boat again to explore the other islands - Island Hopping

The next island that we explored was the one with the cave. I'm not sure if that was the one where Marina (the Teleserye starring Claudine Barreto) was shot where Dugong lived but FYI, Marina was shot in one of the islands in Hundred Islands.
The Island with a Cave
Locals have specific names for some of the islands here. Some cannot be explored. Some are considered as private. Marcos, Governor's, Children, Romulo, Quezon... and more.

There are a lot of island to be visited here. You can actually request the 'bangkero' to drop you to any of those. 

We had our lunch at Quezon Island. We also played games enjoyed exploring the place. After the activities organized by the ECE leads, we were allowed to spend the remaining hours to stay wherever island we want.

Our section gathered up and decided to stay in one island.
This is where we stayed. It has white sand.
It was early afternoon when we were advised to be back before dark. About 4 in the afternoon when we started our journey back to the wharf. Exhausted, sun burnt, but so happy and full of memories! 
 I never thought that I could enjoy this trip! I surely had 100% fun at Alaminos, Pangasinan!


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