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Not So Planned Bacolod Trip

I know it would be late to post this one but since I have nothing to post this October 2012, I decided to share this trip way back a year ago. It was last October of 2011 when I, together with my travel buddy and friends went to the Negros Occidental - particularly Bacolod City.

To tell you the truth, I don't have much idea about Bacolod City except that it is called the City of Smiles, that chicken inasal is good here, and that this is the place of the festive Masskara Festival.

But I have to say that this trip was a pleasant surprise and a good way to relax before the board examinations that I was about to take that time.

Before the trip:
If my memory serves me right, we don't have a formal itinerary for this trip. Everything we did here was just  "Bahala na si Batman". LOL!

Well, actually I did a little research about what was in store for us in the province . I just don't spend much effort since Mhylene (one of my friends) said that her friend in Bacolod would be the one to tour us around.

Arrival to Bacolod:
We arrived at New Bacolod-Silay International Airport at around 5PM. Well, that airport has something to be proud of unlike the others here in the Philippines.

Upon arrival, we immediately hired a van to bring us to the Palmas del Mar resort.  Well, not really the first thing we did. We first took photos then hired a van. Haha!
New Bacolod-Silay International Airport
New Bacolod-Silay International Airport Facade

Places to Visit:
Since we don't have much idea on where to go, we just depended on the places that Mhylene's friend planned to tour us.

Here are the places and activities that I considered A-Must.

Palmas Del Mar Resort

This is where we spent most of our time. The place is relaxing. I must say that the crews are nice too
Jump Shot

Another jump shot...

This photo is suitable for a script.
Nanay (Mhylene) : Anak! Bakit ka padalos-dalos?!
Tatay (Jonah) : Tsk! Yan na nga ba sinasabi ko eh! Tsk!

Pasaway Moments
As if no danger sign... LOL

This big mask which is located at the resort's entrance symbolizes the MassKara Festival.
Bamboo Bridge in Palmas del Mar
Facing the Guimaras Strait

Mambukal Nature Resort
Nice place to explore nature and relax for a low cost. 

Mambukal Mountain Resort
From Left to Right: I, Jonah, Jane, Nelia, and Mhylene
One nice sight in Mambukal Mountain Resort

One of Several Waterfalls found in the Place

Refreshing and Relaxing Sulfur Bath

City Municipal Hall
Here is a photo of ours with the facade of the Municipal Hall as our background.

The Ruins in Talisay
This place is one of the best places in Negros Occidental. It's like a place abroad.

This old mansion was erected in early 1900s. It was owned by a sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson. But early part of the World War II, this mansion was burnt by the guerilla fighters to prevent Japanese soldiers from using this as their headquarters. Below are pictures of me and my colleagues. I just could stop being amazed of it's beauty.

It's construction was supervised by one of the sons of Don Mariano. It was assured that the mixtures of the concrete and its application was followed strictly. It's designs is really something to be amazed of.

Inside this old architecture

San Sebastian Cathedral of Bacolod
The facade of the Cathedral.

A lot of color masks can be bought outside of the church grounds - different sizes and designs.

Pope John Paul II Status
The Pope John Paul II Tower in Bacolod City is located in the Reclamation Area . It is just near SM City Bacolod City. 

We enjoyed every part of this trip even if we stayed at the resort most of the time. This was because of who I were with this trip - crazy and hilarious guys! 

It doesn't matter where you go... what you do...or how much you have...It's who you have beside you!

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