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Sun and Sand in Pearl Farm, Samal Island

One of the breath-taking vacation spots here in the Philippines, Pearl Farm, Samal Island, Davao is for individuals looking for a secluded, private, and relaxing place to spend a day or two.
The Parola

Our tickets were bought 10 months before but we had done a little research about Davao just two months before the flight – where to eat, where to go, what to do. I was still reviewing for board exams so we weren’t able to focus that much on researching.
First thing that came up on our research was Samal, Island. There are so many beach resorts in Samal. Of all those resorts, we chose Pearl Farm, Beach Resort. Yup! Others say it is an expensive resort but since my travel buddy is a travel agent and he knows how to travel wise (Tipid Traveler), we were able to get discounts. And as we always say when spending, ‘Minsan lang naman yan. Gastusan na kung ganun.’ I was also amazed to know that what I used to see in videoke is the place that we were about to go to. If you are a Videoke lover, for sure, you can relate to this place.

We planned to have just a day tour in Pearl Farm so we had to research more on what to do for the other days. Actually, we had not come up with any more ideas so we decided to just explore the city of Davao when we get there.

December 13, 2011, afternoon. Our flights were divided into two. I was with Unnah Izabela. Our colleagues were 1.5 hours ahead our flight. It was my first time to ride a plane with a baby girl. Good thing that Unnah behaved good. We thought she would be having tantrums and look for her lola while she was with me. On air, I was mistaken by my co-passenger to be the father of Unnah but I said ‘Di po. Pamangkin ko po.’ And she told me, ‘Kala ko anak mo eh. Ang bata mo pa naman.’ And I answered with a smile.
Francisco Bangoy International Airport

The flight took two hours. I was able to make conversation with my seatmate (parang classroom? LOL). She was the one who asked me if Unnah was my daughter. I learned that she is a resident of Samal Island and so I ask about Pearl Farm. She said that it was a good resort but it has high rates. I also asked about places to go in Davao, and she said we could visit People’s Park and the Crocodile Farm. And so I noted what she said.

We arrived at Francisco Bangoy International Airport almost 7 o’clock in the evening. Outside the airport, we hired a van for 500 pesos. One thing about DavaoeƱos is that they are not ‘manggagatcho’. Taxi drivers will not charge you more than what is to be charged. It’s up to you to add tips. :)

We slept early because we had to catch the ferry the next day to Samal Island.
Early morning the next day, we hired taxi to the resort. We were excited to see the place.
Pearl Farm Entrance

The ferry ride would take 30 minutes so we just enjoyed the view of Mt. Apo and other ferry boats going to other resorts.

From afar, you can see the famous Parola where tourist will be welcomed by the crews.
The place was so secluded and I would say perfect for honeymooners. It is Boracay less the people as others would say.
 In the Parola, the crew served us with fresh pineapple juice and introduced us to the place. They were so accommodating.

From the Parola, you can see cottages on stilts over the sea. You can also see the colorful fishes in the blue waters of the beach.

I was with Unnah. We were caught camwhoring. It was like we rented the whole place.


 The day tour also comes with lunch (Maranao Restaurant). And gaaaaaaaaaaaaah! There are alot of dishes you can eat!!!

It was almost 4 o' clock in the afternoon when we boarded the ferry back to the mainland.

Tired but happy!

I wasn't able to take good pictures because I only have my cellphone. I will definitely bring my digicam next time I visit this place.  The scenery is just beautiful and I am regretful of not having a good shot of it. :(

This time, we were on the same flight. We left the place happy and saying we will go back here someday. :D


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