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Glimpsing the Past in Baler

Ermita Hill
Perfect for overlooking the panoramic view of the Sabang Beach and the dark blue coast of the Pacific Ocean, Ermita Hill which is situated in Poblacion, Casiguran was one of the place where we united with nature and did a little jogging. 

Trip kung trip lang na magjogging nung pababa ng hill dahil umaga naman daw. Hahaha! We stayed there for a couple of minutes for photo sessions and headed for our next destinations.
It was on the 27th of December, 1735 a catastrophic tsunami hit and destroyed the old Baler main town. There were only six families survived . They ran and swam to the nearby Point Baja Hill which is now known as the Ermita Hill. The resettlement areas became known as “Kinagunasan” which litterally means devastated. Survivors include Bihasa, Bitong, Carrasco, Lumasac, Poblete and the prominent Angara family. At the bottom of the hill, there are statues that serves as a marker to those who have perished and survived the tragic destruction.

Museo De Baler
It is not my thing to visit museums because it is a bit boring but since the Museo De Baler was just near our accommodation (Bahia De Baler) we did a quick visit inside. It is located in the center of Quezon Park by the way. From afar, you can immediately notice the fa├žade of the museum. It captured my attention because of what it is made of. I was then wondering if the designs were made of wood or other materials. Anyways, it is beautiful so before we entered inside, we took pictures outside. 

Inside the museum, we walked around and took a pictures with those ancient things. We just did a quick visit so we had a few pictures here. We found souvenir items inside but we didn’t buy any because according to forums na nabasa ko noon, dahil ako din naman ang naatasang gumawa ng itinerary namin dun, mas okay daw bumili sa palengke or sa bus terminal na malapit din sa palengke. 

Inside the Museum

Baler Church
Baler church (Iglesia de San Luis de Tolosa de Baler, Aurora) is just near the museum. You just have to cross to the other side of the street and you’ll get to the church. According to my research, that church was already renovated.

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