Sunday, July 3, 2011

Being One with Nature in Baler

Ditumabo Falls
About 5 kilometer away from Baler, we headed to San Luis . The town is famous for its waterfalls. They call the waterfalls as Mother Falls maybe because this is their source of water and as far as I know, also a source of energy.
The place was not fully accessible by vehicles when we went there. As soon as we got to the parking place, we thought we had already reached the falls but we were wrong because the commoners told us that we would have to walk 2 to 3 kilometers for us to see the Mother Falls.

They also told us that we had to be accompanied by one of the guardians of the place because it would be dangerous to just explore the way up the falls. After signing in the log book of the place and giving donations, we started walking. 
Along the way, we were told that there would be several waterfalls and that the so-called ‘Mother Falls’ is the last and the biggest. We were warned about snakes and slippery road. 
Along the way, we saw this some sort of a resting place with a signage saying Sex Room. Hahahaha 
And after an hour and half of exhausting walk…YEY!!!
We had reached the Mother Falls. 
We did take pictures as usual. (Low quality picture due to the dew made by the falls).
And after half an hour, we went back to the place where we could dip ourselves safely. 



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